BPR / Review Programme

Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) and the Review Programme


The BPR Regulation (EC) No 528/2012 concerns the placing on the market and the use of biocidal products.

This regulation aims to improve the functioning of the biocidal products market in the EU, while ensuring a high level of protection for humans and the environment. In function of the BPR, all biocidal products require an authorisation before they can be placed on the market, and the active substances contained in that biocidal product must be previously approved.




Equilibrium PAA (from tetra-acetylethylenediamine (TAED) and sodium percarbonate (SPC)) is an approved active substance with proven efficacy against (among others) bacteria, viruses, yeasts. The Product Types covered by this PAA as active substance are:

  • PT 1 – Human hygience biocidal products
  • PT 2 – Private area and public health area disinfectants and other biocidal products
  • PT 3 – Veterinary hygiene biocidal products
  • PT4 – Food and feed area disinfectants
  • PT5 – Drinking water disinfectants
  • PT6 – in-can preservatives
  • PT11 – Preservatives for liquid-cooling and processing systems
  • PT12 – Slimicides

The active substance dossier has been prepared and filed by the PAA Consortium. The PAR – Peracetic Acid Registration Group manages further all dossier requirements for the active substance. For support on Art. 95 listing and/or LoA purchase for the active substance, please contact the Peracetic Acid Registration Group managed by Steptoe (Abrahams Darran – dabrahams@steptoe.com or Glen Rosini – grosine@steptoe.com). See ECHA – Information on biocides.

LATEST NEWS – In function of UK BPR, re-submission of the active substance dossier to UK HSE is required to ensure compliance to UK Chemicals Legislation in the future. This activity is managed by the PAR group. 

The Review Programme (EC)

The Review Programme (EC) No 1062/2014 sets the rules for the evaluation of existing active substances by Member States. Existing active substances on the market on 14 May 2000 as active substance of biocidal products fall under the review programme until review has been completed. Once review has been completed BPR applies.

PAA and BPR. Peracetic acid (generated from 1,3-diacetyloxypropan-2-yl acetate and hydrogen peroxide) is still under evaluation within the review programme. This means that for the biocidal products produced with this active substance the transitional regime still applies. The initial application for approval is in progress with Austria as competent authority.